5 Hacks To Make Your Instagram Story Stand Out

Instagram has not only become the most widely operated social media app but also the hub of online marketing for numerous companies, brands, and products. Due to its global outreach and a network of millions of users, this social media platform has proved to be one of the top choices for fishing in any kind of required audience.

How Instagram is the Perfect Place for Online Marketing

Instagram serves as an ideal platform for marketing. From posting graphic or written content on your timeline to adding snippet stories and highlights which capture the interests of your audience in a click, there are many ways of promoting your website or company on this social app. Instagram stories are currently all the hype in the digital market and bring in the most potential customers compared to other forms of online advertising.

Marketing Through Instagram Stories

The best way to spread the content that has been put up as a story is to buy Instagram story views. Through these, the amount of views per story increases more than 2 folds. The views are genuine, and individuals selected through a custom basis by the website offering Instagram views are asked to provide feedback for the content. Interested users follow the sponsored site and share the stories to build up more audience. This helps your business to grow through a branched network.

How to Make Stories Stand Out?

One big query that most of us encounter while marketing through Instagram is how to get those aesthetics on point. To make it easier for you, here are 5 tips and tricks you can utilize to capture everyone’s attention online through your stories:

  1. Making your Instagram ads exciting and intriguing is the key to getting a larger audience base. To make it exceptional and unique, you can add quirky one-liners and witty storylines which tend to ignite the curiosity of the viewers and impresses them.
  2. Make sure that your graphics and backgrounds are aesthetically pleasing and/or eye-catching. Since many of the viewers skip stories until something suddenly catches their eyes, so your story should satisfy the criteria.
  3. Use filters to make your stories more colorful and appealing to the viewers. Instagram stickers and gif also help make a post more lively and appealing to the eyes.  
  4. Utilize what is in trend. Features like Boomerang, Reverse, and Zoom-in on Instagram are an excellent way to personalize your ads for marketing.
  5. Make your stories more interactive by putting up features like ‘Ask Something,’ ‘Emoticon Rating Scale,’ etc.